A group of seven trustees and friends of SEED recently participated in a 10km sponsored walk on behalf of SEED. Aysha Madha describes her experience:

FSI Small Charities Challenge

The FSI Small Charities Challenge started in the beautiful grounds of Thornbridge Hall in the beautiful Peak District. The sun was shining and the people were friendly.

My plan was to enjoy a leisurely stroll through the countryside. I had packed a small backpack and strawberries and wore a floppy hat. Jackson carried a ceremonial talking stick. I'm not sure if it was a talking stick but that was its effect. People started talking to whoever held it.

The enthusiastic race marshals started with a warm up. Then with a countdown we were off. James bounded into the distance. Luke and I were swept up into the excitement of running. And Jackson, Tendai, Michael and Michael set off at a speed to take in the views, atmosphere and meet people.

The sun shone. We ran and walked through woodland, down the hill and back up again, with the occasional glimpse of glorious valleys. It got hotter. Luke and I committed to running the last 3K. My backpack bounced. My hat flew off. I tried to drink water out of a bottle. It splashed up my nose, over my face, and none in my mouth. My brain felt like it was boiling, but now Luke and I were in a race and I was not going to let Luke, who had done no training, beat me. No chance. At 9K I overtook and sped up. I caught up with another competitor and we cheered each other on. I could see the 10K mark. Luke was never going to catch me. 10K finished the sign said! I slowed and waited for Luke but the official finish was a 100 yards on. As Luke caught up, I realised that I may have won the 10k but he was going to win that 100 yards. We came round the corner to the official finishing line at a flat out sprint neck and neck. And crossed the line together almost.

Peak District sponsored walkers

The strawberries in my backpack were mushed but still very tasty. We found James who had finished long before and Jackson, Tendai, Michael and Michael joined us soon enough, telling stories of their journey. The rest of the afternoon we made new friends, swopping tales with other organisations about the work we did. We met a woman and her husband also working in Zimbabwe and discussed sustainability issues. And I fell for an adorable one-eyed greyhound in need of a home.

Then we wondered across the beautiful grounds of the stately home to the camping field. A huge open space with a bonfire and bbq. There we met nurses from a children's hospice. And we all said we were definitely coming back next year and bringing more people. And next year we'll be fitter :) and maybe in fancy dress.

If you would like to help fundraise for the work of SEED in Southern Africa, please visit our Contribute page.

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