Trees provide much-needed shade

This week is National Tree Week. While many of us in the UK will soon be buying a Christmas tree, or may already have done so, villagers in Zimbabwe have been planting trees.

Far more than just a winter decoration, the vast majority of which will end up being sent to landfill sites, the trees in Zimbabwe will serve a whole range of useful purposes, including:

  • Provide shade
  • Prevent soil erosion
  • Wood for fire and building (can be 'harvested' whilst the 'mother' tree continues to grow)
  • Make very long, straight and strong multipurpose poles
  • Fibre used for tying building structures
  • Encourage return of wildlife
  • Fruit suitable for human consumption
  • Leaves, bark and roots useful for medicinal purposes
  • Flowers attract lots of bees and encourage honey production

So, please invest in the future by helping Zimbabwe villagers to invest in trees by texting "SEED77 '10" to 70070 or donating online.

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