The idea started to take shape in 2003, when the founders, Jackson and Marie Nazombe, decided to spend some time in Zimbabwe (where Jackson grew up) to see where they could best be of use. They presented their ideas for a Community Development Project to El-Shammah Ministries, an emerging church in Harare, who agreed to try out the project; employing Jackson as their Community Development Coordinator, and Marie as a volunteer Administrator.

Through the relationship with El-Shammah, the ideas were tested and many lessons were learned; the most important of which was that the project needed to be independent in order to be more widely accessible. The Nazombes therefore left the employment of El-Shammah in May 2005, in order to work full time on forming The SEED Project. In February 2006 they handed over much of their responsibility to a Board of Trustees and two full-time staff members, because they returned to the UK to develop their skills and experience in community development and related fields, and to develop their financial base, ready to return to full time work with The SEED Project in the future.

The SEED Project is now a registered charity in the UK and a registered Trust in Zimbabwe.

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