A seed holds potential for a self-sustainable cycle; growth and transformation from small beginnings
Why 'The SEED Project'?

A seed is a symbol of potential; growth and transformation from small beginnings. A small initial outside investment (the seed) plus some favourable local conditions (soil, water, sun, labour) can yield a sustaining crop. As well as the obvious benefit of food, this crop will itself produce new seeds for replanting and the expansion of the work, as well as organic matter to return nutrients to the soil. And so a self-sustaining cycle, with potential for expansion, is enabled.

The aim of this work is to achieve growth and transformation in communities from a small initial outside investment (of time, expertise and money), combined with local continuing inputs. SEED wishes to be a catalyst for communities to develop themselves, underlining that empowerment is a process, not simply an act. A seed does not grow merely by a single act (e.g. watering), but through a process of sustained support.

The image of a seed also highlights the mysterious work of God in achieving the aims of the Project. As outlined in 1 Corinthians 3:5-9*, people can plant a seed and water it, but only God can make it grow; by providing and sustaining the land, the air, the sun etc. And in this way, the Project recognises that it may only be able to plant a seed, may require others to 'water it', and will always rely on the providence of God to make it grow; to sustain and develop the work, and to bring real lasting transformation.

[* The Holy Bible]

The initials S.E.E.D also explain the purpose of this Project:


The SEED Project will always take a facilitative, enabling, advisory, demonstrative role, empowering the local community such that development continues when SEED leaves, and dependency on donors is reduced.


"We didn't inherit the Earth from our parents. We're borrowing it from our children"
Chief Seattle
Land is a natural resource of which most communities have at least a little, and The SEED Project aims to encourage them to use this to their best advantage, whilst fulfilling their responsibility to look after it, so that the people can be physically sustained, and perhaps even enabled to move on to economic development by the sale/exchange of their products. SEED also aims to help and encourage people to conserve and improve their environment.


In today's world most people cannot get far without money. The SEED Project aims to encourage people in the best use and development of their skills and abilities, whilst educating in the principles of personal financial planning, budgeting and business. A healthy view of economics, in perspective with the social, personal and spiritual aspects of life will be encouraged. It is imperative that people realise that their lives are not only for themselves but are also for creating a platform on which the next generation will build their own.


The aim is for people and communities to move towards fulfilling their God-given potential. Where there is equal opportunity there should be ways for all to realise this potential.

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