Goromonzi is a large rural district east of Harare, and Rusike is a smaller area within it, which in turn includes a small village called Chiuta, about 50km from Harare city centre. Chiuta village has only three general stores, two beer halls (like bars), a grinding mill and a hair salon, a primary and a secondary school (which are the only places served by electricity). The village is served only by very poor quality dirt roads; the nearest (single-track) tar road is about 6km away, and the nearest road allowing two cars to pass is 15km away, so most people get around on foot.

The local clinic and hospital are understaffed and severely under-resourced, so most people just suffer illness at home, without medical assistance. The few people who are in employment work on the farms in the area (of which far fewer are operational than were five years ago), or in the local schools; however, most live a subsistence life; tilling 'their own' land (officially all rural land belongs to the government), fetching their own water and so on.


This community was the first in which The SEED Project worked, even before it was really formed! Therefore it is in one sense the best example of our work, because it is where we have had the longest time to develop work. However, given that the work began before we had even formed our model it is not to be taken as an example of our considered procedure in action. It informed much of our procedure for the future, and we are still working to support the work of the local community there.


  • Poverty
  • High unemployment
  • High ratio of dependents (elderly, sick, and children) to those able to work
  • Lack of amenities and service provision
  • Lack of adequate health care
  • Lack of adequate education
  • Dry climate


Please use the menu on the left to learn about various aspects of the background and development of the community as we worked with them from 2003 onwards. For some of the lessons learned, download our two-page case study.

For all the latest stories about the community, visit the Goromonzi News section of our website.

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