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The garden show almost had to be postponed (again) as there was yet another political event in the same area, but it finally happened last week. The theme this year was 'Start Small, Grow Big'.

We had invited several companies in the farming industry to participate in the day's events, including Seed-Co, Klein Karoo, National Tested Seeds (NTS), ZFC (Zimbabwe fertilizer company) and Omnia (another fertilizer company), some of whom contributed prizes for the show. (continues)

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This year's international Clean Up The World weekend was 18-20 September, but in Harare we made an early start by working with others to clean up the industrial estate of Msasa.

Various groups thronged the event, including school pupils and representatives from the Ministry of Environment, Environmental Management Agency (EMA), Environment Africa, Harare City Council, and Miracle Missions. (continues)

Sign of the Times thumbnail

76-year-old Conrad is another of SEED's successful smallholders. Previously written off by younger members of the community, he is now showing them how to make the most of what resources and skills they do possess.

Conrad recently observed, "I'm encouraged that even though I never went to school, I'm seeing some young university graduates coming to buy fruit and vegetables from my garden. (continues)

Showcasing Success thumbnail

The smallholders in Murehwa are looking forward to a bumper harvest. The local Agricultural Officer recently joined them for a tour of their fields and was impressed at both the health of their crops and the innovative ways they have used local resources as affordable substitutes for otherwise expensive materials, such as grass fencing to prevent damage caused by stray animals. (continues)

Transforming Lives thumbnail

The new group of smallholders that SEED's community development workers have been working alongside now have the confidence and composure to demonstrate to other would-be market gardeners the knowledge which they have acquired so far.

Contrary to the expectations of many in the community, many of the older members in the group mastered the concepts so well that they are doing much better than the younger members and are now serving as local role models. (continues)

Tribute to Mai Rusere thumbnail

Mai Rusere was one of the very first beneficiaries of SEED. She passed away on 29th April after a long illness and was buried on the 1st May.

Mai Rusere was a very simple woman but with such a big heart. Although she came from a very poor background what development workers would call absolute poverty she always welcomed people with such warmth and love and always tried her best to put on a brave face despite any difficulties she would be going through. (continues)

The Current Plight of Zimbabwe thumbnail

SEED trustee and co-founder Jackson Nazombe visited Zimbabwe last month. These are his reflections.

My overview of the situation in Zimbabwe from my visit is slightly depressing. The quality of life is hugely deteriorated compared to last year. Many of my friends and relations had not been paid for upwards of 14 months. (continues)

New Skills and Careers thumbnail

As part of the small business and entrepreneurship skills training that SEED has been organising for secondary school students at the Victorious Learning Institute, 31 students recently participated in a capacity building workshop.

This was held in a beautiful setting in part of the town where most students would not get a chance to visit, especially those from the high-density areas. (continues)

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