The SEED Project works in three ways, always seeking to educate, demonstrate, facilitate, evaluate and/or monitor:

1) In partnership with a local church / community group (the main / preferred method (more)

2) Alongside a local church / community group

3) Alone


The SEED Project works alongside a local church / community group where:

- they (the local group) require help to prepare (e.g. set up / train a team) for undertaking community development work, but are not yet ready to commit fully.

- they are already running successful community development work, and require assistance / development in a specific area (e.g. a desire to branch into a new type of work (such as advocacy), or contextualisation in the wider region).

In both these cases, SEED may be requested to provide advice, training, information, networking and/or demonstration.


The SEED Project occasionally works alone; organising events (e.g. national / regional competitions, conferences, training courses) and running a magazine, for the purposes of information-sharing, networking, advertising and awareness-raising.

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