The SEED Project is a non-profit-making organisation, with central funds coming from three types of sources

1. The SEED Project receives contributions from its partner churches/community groups. The partner agrees to make such regular contributions at the outset of the partnership, but no amount is specified, so it is up to the discretion and ability of the particular group involved.

2. The SEED Project runs its own central income-generating projects.

3. The SEED Project raises donations from supportive interested organisations, churches, groups and individuals, both within the African countries where it is at work, and further afield.

These central funds are used for:

- Central staff salaries

- Staff training / development

- Transportation

- Networking

- Loans / grants (for start-up costs of specific projects)

- Project administration

The SEED Project will also, where deemed necessary, raise funds specifically for the start-up/infrastructural needs of a particular community.

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