Would you like to get involved?

The more we bring together all our resources - financial, practical, time, skills, ideas - the greater the difference we can make. We are keen to work with you to find the best way for you to participate in our goal of empowering Zimbabwean communities.



If you would like to Sponsor a parent or make a financial donation to The SEED Project, please visit our Donate page.



We have one current fundraising initiative that is easy for you to take part in: semi-sporty challenge Skip for Skills (great for schools and youth groups!).

We also encourage you to undertake your own fundraising initiatives, e.g. a cake sale or Dress Down Friday at work/school. If you're interested, please get in touch - we can help with tips and would like to thank you.

If you would like to do a sponsored challenge (e.g. marathon, cycle ride, head shave, litter pick) you can set up a fundraising page at Virgin Money Giving by clicking on the "Start fundraising" link on our VMG charity page.



As a very small charity, we have very limited staff time so a little extra help can go a long way. If you have some time available - whether half an hour per fortnight to run an errand or a few hours a quarter to take and write up trustee minutes - we would like to hear from you. Wherever you are based and whatever your skills we may be able to find a meaningful way for you to help out. Please contact us with an idea of the time and skills you have available.



Whilst it is extremely helpful, and we do need it, money is not everything! Perhaps you have some relevant...

  • knowledge / information / understanding
  • expertise / experience
  • contacts
  • ideas / inspiration
  • resources
...which could be of use? If so, please contact us!

Alternatively, see below for more general ways to help people and the planet by minor changes to your lifestyle. SEED does not want to 'poach' all your contributions - do spread them around!



Could you...

develop your own community by:

  • getting to know more people?
  • spending time with those feeling lonely?
  • sharing the purchase / use of occasionally used equipment (e.g. lawnmower, hedge trimmer)?
  • sharing skills (e.g. I'll walk your dog if you babysit my kids)?
  • volunteering help with a local organisation (e.g. sit on a governing body, or help with lunch duty at a school)?
  • being proactive: fixing what's not right instead of moaning about it and waiting for someone else to do it!?

invest your capital in 'ethical' companies/cooperatives?

cut down on your waste (and save money) by:

  • only buying what you need and will use?
  • buying goods with less packaging (e.g. loose fruit & veg)?
  • avoiding buying anything disposable?
  • reusing (e.g. back of paper for notes/kids' drawings, washed out containers, shopping bags / boxes)?
  • recycling (kerbside schemes and collection points)?
  • selling / donating unwanted items?
  • clearing out the junk room for use by tenants or guests?
  • only buying what and when you can afford (i.e. not using credit cards and/or paying interest)?
  • reviewing drafts, reading emails etc on screen, rather than printing everything?

reduce your fossil-fuel use (and save money) by:

  • cycling, walking or using public transport rather than driving?
  • holidaying nearby instead of flying?
  • insulating (further) your home?
  • using energy-efficient light bulbs / appliances?
  • only boiling as much water as you need for your tea, not the whole kettle?
  • turning down your thermostat by one degree?

shop responsibly ensuring that your purchases are:

  • supporting someone's sustainable livelihood, and not exploiting them?
  • not needlessly polluting the environment (e.g. organic, eco-products)?

And... if and when any of this saves you money, donate a proportion of the saving to charity?

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