The SEED Project aims...

... to guide and assist people onto and along the road to development and transformation, and empower them on their journey. Transformation, that is:

- from a consumer orientation to production (i.e. from consuming more than you produce, to producing at least as much as you consume)

- from selfishness to self-fulfillment,

- from inward to outward focus,

- from affected or infected to affecting and effective,

- from independence or dependence to inter-dependence and self-sufficiency,

- from surviving to living fully as God intended.

... for all individuals and communities to reach their full potential.

... for communities where, as well as the basic requirements for survival (e.g. food, shelter, health) for all, opportunities exist for

- every child to have someone to care for them and access to relevant and appropriate education;

- every young adult to have adequate skills training;

- every adult to contribute to meeting the needs of themselves and their families;

- every elderly person to be provided and cared for.

...for communities to have access to information and resources that will enable their empowerment.

...for all community members to be enabled to meaningfully influence the decisions that affect community life.

...for communities to become self-sufficient and for all the work that The SEED Project initiates to be sustained by the local community.

...for churches to set an example of a family-like community, where all members share skills, experiences, resources and contacts for their mutual benefit. assist the Church to more effectively play its part in developing communities and in providing a moral foundation, spiritual guidance and support. play its part in contributing towards building the long term sustainability and well-being of the world's inhabitants. It will do this by facilitating the development of communities through individuals, which in turn contribute to the well-being of their nation. This will then, hopefully, have a positive influence on the world.

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