SEED helps Zimbabwean communities to work themselves out of poverty.

Zimbabwe Flag
The SEED Project has begun in Zimbabwe, with a view to expansion into Southern Africa. It works primarily in communities where unemployment, ill health and hunger are high, and opportunities, hope and education are low. The focus is empowerment rather than aid, and the aim is for the long-term sustainability of these communities (i.e. reducing dependency on national and/or international donors). The SEED Project aims to partner with local churches and other groups to identify needs and dreams within communities and then to facilitate the meeting of those needs and the realisation of those dreams. Another strand of the project is to come alongside and support willing churches and other groups to enable them to become more effective in their communities.

The SEED Project aims to be true to each local context, and work with existing people, skills and resources in order to increase ownership of results and sustainability of future work. The SEED Project will cooperate with, partner with and exchange ideas with other local, national and international organisations as they work towards the realisation of common goals.

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