"I am delighted to endorse SEED's Small Change Challenge for Lent. Little simplifications to our lifestyles make generosity possible even in a harsh economic climate. For rural communities in Zimbabwe, they translate into much more than we are giving up. I encourage you to support this campaign." (The Bishop of Ely, the Right Rev Stephen Conway)

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Many people make New Year resolutions, give up something for Lent, or choose to follow a diet or fitness programme. If you are thinking of doing so, how about making a small lifestyle change that will make a big difference in the wider world? By joining in with Meat Free Monday, giving up chocolate or store-bought coffee, or cycling to work, you could save from £6 up to as much as £100 a month.

Then, donate the money that you save to The SEED Project to help empower disadvantaged communities in Zimbabwe who have no luxuries to give up. Your donation could enable a rural family to plant trees that provide them with a sustainable source of cooking fuel, could pay for intensive training for a new micro-savings scheme group, or could sponsor a parent to learn new skills so they can support their own family.

To find out more about SEED's Small Change Challenge, read on about the Challenges and Causes ... And please invite your friends, colleagues and family to join in. Together, we can make a real difference in Zimbabwe.

Free Lesson Plan

For information about our free lesson plan, which aims to help pupils explore the meaning of Lent and how this season can be used to help others, please visit our dedicated Lent lesson plan page.

Lent Dates 2019

Lent 2019 begins on 6 March (Ash Wednesday) and finishes on Holy Saturday, 20 April. Traditionally people use up ingredients on Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday 5 March) in preparation for Lent, and celebrate its end with a feast on Easter Sunday!

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