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Marie skips in snow on Christmas Day

250,000 skips for skills for 50 Zimbabweans 'stuck in the rut' of poverty.

Skip for skills is SEED's FUNdraising initiative, with a difference! You can donate to participate! We need lots of people to help us reach our target. Here's how it works

  1. Donate (via our Justgiving page) 1 for each set of 50 skips (with a skipping rope!) that you want to challenge yourself to. E.g. £20 for 1000 skips*.
  2. Get skipping! Be imaginative about where, with whom... Click here for info on our competition.
  3. Share your story and/or photos by email. We'll probably put them on the web unless you tell us otherwise.
  4. Check out other participants' stories and photos here.
  5. Encourage your friends, family, colleagues etc to join in. Even your postman - mine did!

" But I can't skip!"

If you'd like to participate, but don't feel quite up to skipping, then you can still help reach our target. Follow the same steps above but when you are asked to enter a message, type 'Pass the skips'. Then we'll match you with someone who has the energy to do the skips on your behalf.

Or you could mix and match. Perhaps you want to donate £20 but can only manage 100 skips yourself. Put 'Pass 900 skips' in your message!

More about the cause

Gardeners learn carpentry skills

The Zimbabweans who will be supported to develop skills through this project weren't able to finish their schooling as children due to poverty. Their families couldn't afford school fees and needed their children to earn a living. Now as adults, many feel trapped in poverty. They have insecure, poorly paid jobs, and live far from family and friends.

The SEED Project has already helped people develop skills. People like Adam Rosha. SEED helped Adam to make the transition from gardener to electrician, through encouragement and training. He can now support his family and returns to SEED to share his new electrician's skills, and his story, with other gardeners. Adam says, " SEED inspired me to realise that I am worth more than I thought. Now I want to challenge others to realise how much they too can achieve."

Your donations will help more people like Adam to realise their potential and improve their quality of life. Donate to participate now!

* Most healthy adults can do about 100 skips per minute.

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