Students at Victorious Learning Institute
In 2010 SEED made a small loan to local teachers, enabling them to open a new secondary school in the high-density Harare suburb of Mufakose (which, translated, means 'death everywhere'). Government schools were not able to provide enough funds to pay teachers or to purchase resources (and yet continued to take fees from students who would attend empty classrooms), but there was still an insatiable demand for learning.

This group of young teachers took the initiative to found the Victorious Learning Institute. They used a local church building, divided into classrooms with hanging sheets. In their first year, they had over 230 students and gained an impressive clutch of O and A level results, allowing many students the opportunity to continue their studies at tertiary level. We supported the teachers with advice and loans, and are impressed with their progress.

Please help us to work with more Zimbabweans such as these by making a donation to the charity.

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