Bassi is a 62-year-old widow who takes care of her two grandchildren, aged 7 and 12. Their parents were victims of HIV/AIDS. Bassi worked as a maid, earning just US$50 per month, but this was not enough to look after herself and her grandchildren.

Bassi baking

Two years ago SEED trained her in baking and sewing skills, and in how to start her own business. She now bakes for her employer, who has doubled her previous salary. She also bakes for the local school and has a contract to sew and provide school uniforms. This earns her up to a further $600 per month, so she now employs two other women to help with her sewing business.

She is now able to fend properly for her grandchildren and send them to better schools. Bassi claims that she has found a new and true meaning of life through SEED and often tells other women, 'Life was tough, but SEED made me tougher.'

Help SEED to train others like Bassi in Zimbabwe's disadvantaged communities by sponsoring a parent.

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