You inspired me to realise that I am worth more than I thought.

Adam shares his story with other gardenersAdam shares his story with other gardeners

Adam was supporting his wife and child on just US$30 a month working as a gardener. Despite the high value Zimbabweans place on education, many young adults are unable to complete their schooling due to lack of resources within the family and within the education system. Adam got to grade 5 before leaving school to start work when he was about 11 years old.

I grew up in Domboshawa. My father worked in Greendale as a gardener. Basically, I took over my fathers work when he retired.

Adam heard about SEED's football club from fellow Greendale gardeners and decided to come along for a game he has not looked back since. As well as inspiring Adam to advance his education, SEED provided the teaching for an 'O' level in accounts. Adam paid for his exams himself.

With his new qualification and renewed self confidence, SEED challenged Adam to take the next step and move on from gardening.

Adam and SEED worked together for two years to build his skills and confidence. He went on to train as an electrician and is now earning a good enough salary to be able to provide properly for his family.

Adam has since returned to SEED to share his story with other gardeners and to show them what is possible, helping to inspire others in his community to improve their own skills.

Help SEED to train the next generation of community leaders by sponsoring a parent like Adam.

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