It has been a big year for our Community Development Worker Nyasha Migioni. To begin with, she received confirmation that she had passed her Human & Social Studies degree from the University of South Africa with flying colours! Then, in February, she was blessed with a baby boy, Zachary, meaning 'Remembered of the Lord'. She told us more in a short interview:

Nyasha with her baby

Nyasha: Funny enough I completed my degree whilst heavily pregnant! I was determined to complete my studies and was not going to let the pregnancy stand in the way. I guess it's one of my strong suits that when I set my mind to something I really go on and get on with it'a character trait I definitely use in my work at SEED.

SEED: How did you find the degree course?

Nyasha: It was not an easy road completing the degree, being a family woman and a working professional at the same time, but thanks be to God for the grace to complete and soldier on and thanks to the SEED family for all the support they gave me.

Nyasha's graduation day at UNISA
Nyasha graduated on 8th May in Pretoria, South Africa.

SEED: How do you think the degree will affect your work with SEED?

Nyasha: The degree is particularly powerful in that it is related to the work that I do on a day to day basis at SEED as a Community Development Worker I specialised in Community Development. It has definitely sharpened my skills as an employee and I look forward to implementing all that I learnt in my studies in the work place.

SEED: What impact has having another child had on you?

Nyasha: Zachary is my third child. Having another baby after an eleven year gap has made me appreciate life more all that is around me and the blessings I enjoy. Now more than ever I realise how precious life is and that we should never take anything for granted. This has increased my resolve to empower communities because I realise even more how each person needs an extra hand in life to fulfil their potential. Given an opportunity, everyone can make something of themselves.

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