Promoting cleaner, safer and healthier communities

Last week SEED partnered with other local NGOs and the City of Harare to carry out a massive clean up campaign in Harare's Greendale suburb, where we have previously organised skills training. Over 450 volunteers were involved, including 25 brought in by SEED.

Rubbish had been accumulating for years around the Kamfinsa Shopping Centre - everything from bottles and cans to old car wrecks. Recyclable materials, such as plastics and glassware, were sorted out and sent for recycling, while everything else was sent to the dump.

"This was one of the largest clean up campaigns we have ever done in Harare," reported SEED's Development Senior Worker, Robert Kazunga. "Assistance from the City of Harare made it very successful."

Once everywhere was clean, representatives from SEED, the Ministry of Health, City Council and a couple of other local organisations provided the local vendors and residents with some basic health education. Instruction included the need to keep their environment clean and the need to dispose of waste properly in order to avoid the spread of vermin and diseases. Shop vendors also elected a waste monitoring committee to prevent the same problem from recurring.

Participation in such public events is good for SEED's reputation locally, as well as helping to promote cleaner, safer and healthier communities.

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