Farmers' Day

"It was quite an eye opener for all of us, especially the farmers!"

SEED's Horticultural Day in Murehwa at the end of September was a real success. Over 250 came to hear about the work of SEED and everyone got an opportunity to go for a field tour.

Market representatives explained the quality they expected from farmers and their crops.

microfinance group

Eight micro-business groups provided entertainment and information about Mukando, an Internal Savings and Lending initiative. (Literally, the word means to pool or throw in, as members pool an agreed amount of money regularly and are able to draw out small loans for a nominal rate of interest.)

Agro-Dealers offered technical farming advice.

Speeches were also made by the local chief, councillor, and some of the Agritex (Department of Agricultural and Technical Extension Services) and local ZanuPF officials who were present.

Prizes were presented by one of SEED's Zimbabwe trustees, Emilia Mubaiwa, who is a businesswoman and former banker. First prize, of a Knapsack Sprayer and gumboots, for use on her smallholding, went to a hard-working widow. She was thrilled to have won and proud to tell the others something of what she had learnt.

agricultural officer

"We have come a long way in empowering these communities and increasing productivity among the people," reported SEED's Community Development Workers. "However, there is still work to be done and the needs of those who need our assistance are great. We would very much like to work with two more groups in this area as there is so much potential and so much for us to do."

If you are able to help us to empower these community groups, please send a donation.

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