The audience

In March our Senior Community Development Worker, Robert Kazunga, successfully completed his honours degree in development studies. To help him celebrate, we sent him a goat!

Robert wrote to say how excited he was to be able to share the gift "with my family, parents, relatives and friends at the village. It was time to reflect and share my experiences from childhood and the bumpy road to get to where I am today."

The Kazunga family singing

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Robert grew up in a rural area close to Karoi, a small town about 125 miles north-west of Harare. Through a combination of successful studies at school and personal determination, he was able to move to the capital city, where he gained five years managerial experience in the business sector. He went on to establish a small-scale agricultural model and undertook some agricultural training, specialising in chicken-rearing. He has played a key role in SEED since 2005 when we started working alongside disadvantaged communities in his homeland to promote sustainable ecological and economic development.

Robert dancing with his mother and others

Robert previously earned a Diploma in Business Administration and a BA in Human and Social Studies, with specialisation in Community Development, from the University of South Africa. He is married with two children.

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