100% A'LEVEL PASS RATE2013-04-04

Congratulations to the Victorious Learning Institute (VLI) for its fantastic results! If you remember, in 2010 a group of young teachers came to SEED to ask for assistance with setting up a school. The school is now thriving, providing education for 230 pupils in a very deprived neighbourhood. In only three years the school has become a successful educational establishment with outstanding results compared to the national average.

In 2012 VLI students achieved an impressive 100% pass rate at 'A' Level, well above the national average of 82%. At 'O' Level the Victorious Learning Institute also scores well, with a pass rate of 51% compared to 18% nationally. It's great to see an idea grow into a success with a lot of determination, hard work, vision and a little support.

Charts showing Victorious Learning Institute's O' and A' Level pass rates, compared with the national average

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