Just finished another successful skills development course, teaching ten of Harare's maids how to set up their own businesses making and selling sweet and savoury foods.

Here are some quotes from the students:

'At last! Now l can present this certificate when l look for a job. l always used to be asked to present my certificates but l never had anything to show them. l am so happy l can do that now!'

'I never knew that God would open a way for me like this! l always thought in life, l was destined to be a maid only and nothing more, but now l see that l have gained new skills and I'm confident that I can now start something of my own.'

'Who would have thought that me - a girl from the rural areas - would be able to start my own business and earn some money?! Now with this course l can start my business and sell my samoosas and sausage rolls and send my children to school'

The previous course was for setting up business making and selling bedclothes, uniforms etc.

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