We recently made new micro-finance loans (at no interest) to two groups who had been on our skills development courses, helping to kick-start their own businesses.

The first was to a group of 12 men, transitioning from being gardeners to carpenters. They successfully repaid their first loan, so we made them a second, larger loan of $600 for raw materials and transport. The men are making and repairing beds, tables and cabinets. Sometimes they are called to do ceiling repairs. They are now well known in Harare's suburbs so they are getting many orders by referral.

The second was to a group of 4 women who we trained in baking skills, plus 3 more who they recruited and are training. The women are baking various cakes and muffins, and making good profits. This was our initial loan to them, used for cooking utensils, ingredients and a small oven.

We are pleased to report that both groups made their first repayment on time!

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