Trustee Rev Michael Beckett visits Zimbabwe
SEED Trustee Michael Beckett, who is Vicar of St Paul's Church, Cambridge, visited Zimbabwe for the first time last summer. He comments, "I experienced remarkable hospitality, warmth and acceptance as well as witnessing real community development work and the birthing of hope in people's lives. As well as this my faith was challenged to 'see' myself as a brother to a people whose experience and expectation of God is so radically different to mine".

Michael visited with founding trustees Jackson and Marie Nazombe and their children. It was a great opportunity for Michael to experience SEED's work first hand, and for all three trustees to encourage, train and plan with the Zimbabwean staff, for whom it can be challenging, isolating and discouraging to be working in such a difficult country. There was also the much valued opportunity for an international trustees meeting with the Zimbabwean trustees, and for the UK trustees and (then newly employed) Nyasha to meet one another.

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