SEED was founded on regular donations from individuals, and they remain vital to our ongoing community development work in Zimbabwe. Regular donations really help us to plan, and to save on administration costs. As SEED has grown, our income from regular donors has grown too, but not proportionally. We've filled the gap with a few grants from small trusts, events and community fundraising. But nothing really matches up to regular donations from individuals.

We're looking for new donors! Costs of our work in Zimbabwe have gone up, and the need remains as acute. We're making a real difference in a very difficult situation, and need your help to continue to develop our support for those disempowered communities.

We also need to invest in the quality of life and professional development of our staff. To that end, we've recently increased their salaries by £166 per month (we just couldn't wait any longer) in faith that the regular income will come in soon for us to maintain them longer term. If it doesn't, we're going to have to think seriously about reducing our support for communities which we REALLY don't want to have to do.

To set up a regular donation (or to make a one off gift) please visit our 'donate' page. Thank you!

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