I am 'skipping for skills'! I plan to skip 69,130 times in the next few months, as a reminder of the 691,300 illiterate adults in Zimbabwe, and to raise funds to support their skills development.

Through The SEED Project, we've met some of these people. They weren't able to finish their schooling as children due to poverty - their families couldn't afford school fees and needed their children to earn a living. Now as adults, many feel trapped in poverty. They have insecure, poorly paid jobs, and live far from family and friends.

Marie skips in snow on Christmas Day
The SEED Project is helping people like Adam Rosha. SEED helped Adam to make the transition from gardener to electrician, through encouragement and training. He now returns to SEED to share his new electrician's skills, and his story, with other gardeners. Adam says, "SEED inspired me to realise that I am worth more than I thought. Now I want to challenge others to realise how much they too can achieve."

Your donation will help more people like Adam to realise their potential and to improve their quality of life. To sponsor me please visit Thank you!

Marie Nazombe
SEED Operations Manager and Co-Founding Trustee

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