Since June 2009, SEED has been running weekly mechanics workshops with interested gardeners from the Greendale, Newlands and Highlands suburbs of Harare. Gardeners tend to earn very low incomes, and face great challenges just to meet their families basic needs (food, school fees, shelter etc.), let alone to develop themselves in order to get better jobs.

The workshops were run Oz Nazombe, who says, "there was no greater challenge for the individuals who took part in the workshops than believing in the possibility that one can develop themselves despite their educational background or current financial position. In addition to that, individuals acquired practical skills that they will retain (for use and further development), pass on or even better use to start a business as their skills develop."

One student, George Karonga, is 30 years old and married with 4 children. He reached the local Junior Certificate (ZJC) Form 2 stage (second year of secondary school) before he had to leave education to start earning. George says; I would want to improve my standard of education so as to be somebody who does not await to be employed, but becomes self employed. [Jobs are very scarce in Zimbabwe so many people create their own ways of earning income.]

He goes on; My desire is to have a sustainable way of life in which I am able to meet the needs of my family without difficulty and at the same time create jobs for others. In future I see myself imparting the knowledge and skills I would have acquired to others so that they won't sit around, doing nothing, waiting for someone to donate things.

George excelled in the workshops and is now well on the way to achieving his dreams. Fantastic!

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