WHAT CAN I DO?2008-12-11

Millionaire's poverty

WE NEED YOUR HELP to be able to carry out, continue and expand our vital work to develop communities facing cholera, HIV, hyperinflation, famine...

The cost of living in Zimbabwe is continuing to rise sharply. The Zimbabwe dollar inflation rate has reached such heights that words most people have never heard of have to be used to measure it - percentages in the 'sextrillions'.

Inflation has hit foreign currencies hard too - we estimate our staff need five times as much now as they did this time last year just to keep themselves and their families in food, water, shelter and education. That certainly puts the developed world's recession / credit crunch into perspective...

If you have been interested in The SEED Project for some time but have never made a financial donation, now would be a really good time. You can be part of saving and enriching lives, and building a better future for Zimbabwe.

Please visit our donate page to make a donation. Or you can contact us and we will send you a form which you can use to set up a standing order, make a gift aid declaration, sign up for newsletters and/or make a one-off donation.

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