Ten years ago we registered The SEED Project as a charity and embarked on our mission to empower communities in Zimbabwe to emerge from dependency into collaborative sufficiency. We are thankful for the achievements we have accomplished over the last 10 years with the local communities in Zimbabwe, and also grateful to our donors and supporters.

Our focus has always been empowerment rather than aid, and our aim is for the long-term sustainability of poor communities. Here are just a few highlights from the last ten years:

  • We established our 4th community woodlot in Goromonzi this year. One woodlot benefits 250 families with a sustainable source of fruit, seed, firewood and building materials. To date we have planted 1,733 trees and have been asked to plant more.
  • Our successful Market Gardening model has secured substantial health and financial benefits for 45 extended families in an HIV/AIDS-affected community. In 2013, their crops were of such high quality that they attracted the attention of both market vendors and an international export company.
  • As a response to the 2009 cholera outbreak we started a Health Education Campaign. We worked in 24 communities and trained 280 peer education volunteers. This resulted in 72,993 families being safer from disease. Given an average household size of ten, we estimated the message reached 730,000 people!

Over 10 years we have directly impacted 4,441 beneficiaries and indirectly reached over million people. The SEED ripple effect works!

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