Our market gardening Project in Murehwa enables people to become self-sufficient in vegetables, in many cases generating income from the surplus. Like all our projects we aim to have a ripple effect; the market gardeners teach others in the community what they have learned about how to improve the quality and quantity of their crops.

Last month, Murehwa held its annual market gardening show, to showcase the best produce and crucially to share lessons learnt. It was attended by the headman and local Councillor Chakoroma. He said, "SEED was the first organisation to bring meaningful empowerment projects to our community. For that, we will forever be grateful for opening up the community to such possibilities."

One of the group farmers also gave a testimony, "ever since l started working with SEED on market gardening l have never bought vegetables and tomatoes! I am now able to grow my own crops and look forward to learning more from working with SEED".

The group faced quite a few challenges this growing season, chief amongst them, a bad rainy season which caused most wells to dry up faster than usual. Another challenge was that of a severe winter which hampered the tomato crop from performing to its ultimate capacity. The Agricultural Officer, Mr Tarakimu, also encouraged the farmers to take special notice of climate change and grow new varieties of crops which are in tandem with the emerging weather patterns.

To further their agricultural knowledge and to diversify their crops, members were given cucumber and spinach seeds to grow next season. Councillor Chakoroma presented dishes to the farmers that are part of the market garden project.

Our Senior Community Development worker, Robert, concluded that we are indeed changing peoples' lives and that the impact is outstanding and well appreciated by our group members as well as the community at large.

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