Village chief leads the tree planting for his community

Following delays caused by the wait for rain and the need to avoid clashing with political party meetings, we have now successfully helped to plant three new woodlots in the past week.

Our Senior Community Development Worker, Robert writes, "Now that news has travelled about what we are doing, we are so overwhelmed by requests for more trees. Unlike before, everyone now appreciates the value of trees for life, so the villages we haven't gone to are now feeling left out! The communities are so excited that some have started their own small scale initiatives, but have called us for support."

Outdoor classroom
Students squeeze onto benches under trees to study

Robert was particularly excited about helping Dudzu primary school to plant 315 trees, as part of the 'Catch Them Young' programme. Spending time at the school also helped SEED's staff to appreciate some of the challenges the school is facing, including the lack of adequate classrooms and the lack of water near the school.

The area chief is very forward-thinking and is keen to improve his community through various development projects. The two villages prepared their land together, bringing a sense of community ownership of the projects right from the start. They now appreciate the consequences of the destruction of trees in their area. People are struggling to get firewood, which is their only source of fuel. They also need trees for other household purposes, such as building materials.

In total, we have planted 1,425 trees this season, bringing the total number that we have helped communities to plant to 4,733. Robert concludes by passing on the villagers' appreciation: "Thank you to all our sponsors and the whole SEED team for a wonderful combined effort!"

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