Garden show field visit

The garden show almost had to be postponed (again) as there was yet another political event in the same area, but it finally happened last week. The theme this year was 'Start Small, Grow Big'.

We had invited several companies in the farming industry to participate in the day's events, including Seed-Co, Klein Karoo, National Tested Seeds (NTS), ZFC (Zimbabwe fertilizer company) and Omnia (another fertilizer company), some of whom contributed prizes for the show. Also in attendance were representatives from the Agricultural Department, who are in charge of all agricultural activities in the nation. The guest of honor was Goromonzi District's Supervisor from the Department of Agricultural, Technical and Extension Services (AGRITEX).

Garden show prize-winners

The group had prepared a short skit that demonstrated what SEED and the Agricultural Officer had taught them. This brought much laughter and delight to all who were there. We conducted a field tour so that the guests could see for themselves the crops that had been planted by the group. After the tour SEED then gave an overview of the project and our goals. Group members also had an opportunity to sell some of their crops to the guests.

Mr Tarakimu being commended for all his hard work

The day ended with the prize winners being awarded their prizes. The judges explained how they had considered the impact of the project on small-holders whole lives, not just the crops that they had grown, for instance the extent to which they had tried to do something on their own, rather than just rely on what SEED had given them. In this way we try to encourage the community to get out of the donor mentality.

As always, the AGRITEX Officer who we work with, Mr Tarakimu worked tirelessly to make the day a success. All in all, the day was a real success and everyone went home feeling satisfied with the outcome.

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