76-year-old Conrad

76-year-old Conrad is another of SEED's successful smallholders. Previously written off by younger members of the community, he is now showing them how to make the most of what resources and skills they do possess.

Conrad recently observed, "I'm encouraged that even though I never went to school, I'm seeing some young university graduates coming to buy fruit and vegetables from my garden. This speaks volumes about the faults in the current education system."

His story is reminiscent of Granny Prisca's, who had market vendors lining up in the hope of being able to sell her produce.

The farmers are now organising a "garden day" for later in the year. They will invite community leaders and other smallholders in the community in order to share what they have learned with others who are not in the group. In this way, best practice will become much more widely known than SEED's Community Development Workers would ever be able to manage by themselves.

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