Mai Rusere helping with tree-planting
Mai Rusere helping with tree-planting

Mai Rusere was one of the very first beneficiaries of SEED. She passed away on 29th April after a long illness and was buried on the 1st May.

Mai Rusere was a very simple woman but with such a big heart. Although she came from a very poor background what development workers would call absolute poverty she always welcomed people with such warmth and love and always tried her best to put on a brave face despite any difficulties she would be going through.

We first met her through introductions with Pastor Sikiyani, who used to go to the same church. SEED was so touched by her plight that we assisted her to start a pre-school using the same model as the one we used to start the pre-school at Pastor Sikiyani's place. SEED also assisted her in digging a deep water well at her house which to this day continues to help supply the community with clean water for domestic use. This helped in addressing the water shortage in the area.

Mai Rusere will always be remembered for her warmth and big motherly hugs as she would always welcome us with such each time we visited her. Since she was one of our very first beneficiaries, we will always hold her in a special place in our heart as the SEED family. Rest In Peace, our mother.

Written by Robert Kazunga

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