VLI student workshop

As part of the small business and entrepreneurship skills training that SEED has been organising for secondary school students at the Victorious Learning Institute, 31 students recently participated in a capacity building workshop.

This was held in a beautiful setting in part of the town where most students would not get a chance to visit, especially those from the high-density areas. There is a real economic gap between those who live in the low-density suburbs and those from the Ghetto.

Unsurprisingly, feedback from the students was extremely positive. They are very keen to improve their prospects and also to make the most of any opportunities.

As part of the conference SEED facilitated workshops on personal development, aspiration, leadership skills, team work and entrepreneurship.

A student from a previous similar project, who participated in our drug abuse awareness workshop two years ago, has since discovered her career as a result. The students were encouraged to create small educational plays, short skits, to highlight the problem of drug abuse in the community. This young lady had a natural gift for acting and had never tried it before. She has since gone on to train as a professional actor, to receive a prestigious national acting award and to be offered a role in a successful South African Soap opera!

As our Community Development workers report, "The positive response to the workshop was so overwhelming and we have really seen the need for more such workshops that not only open up the students' minds but also expose them to issues, ideas and places they would not otherwise have encountered."

SEED is committed to encouraging students to consider making contributions to the development of their community during their study years and not to wait until they have left formal education. It is important that they are empowered to find resolutions to their problems as part of their learning.

Through these workshops we want to train and inspire a new generation of students: Students who take responsibility for their destinies and grab hold of the reality of the possibility of their dreams and ambitions.

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