Market garden visit
Jackson visited a thriving new market garden project

SEED trustee Jackson Nazombe is currently in Zimbabwe visiting some of the communities that SEED has been helping to empower. The seed beds in our new market gardening project are germinating well and should be ready for transplanting in the next few weeks.

Local instability forced a delay to our latest reforestation project, but we were finally able to proceed. The village had already erected the fence and brought in some ox-drawn water carts to ensure the new saplings could be well irrigated after planting. A total of 550 trees were planted.

Planting another new woodlot
An ox-drawn water cart

Robert Kazunga, SEED's Senior Community Development Officer reported, "We were so excited about the day's progress as this is the best group so far in terms of performance and organisation. We look forward to continuing to work with them as we monitor the woodlot."

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