Catch Them Young program launch

Earlier this month, SEED helped to launch a new program called "Catch Them Young" in partnership with several other local organisations, including the City of Harare, Environmental Management Agency and Environment Africa.

The program aims to teach schoolchildren about the importance of waste management, water sanitation and conservation. By working with pupils at primary schools across Harare, the organisers aim to restore the city's "Sunshine City" status by the year 2025.

SEED's Community Development workers, Robert and Nyasha, recognise that in addition to focusing on city Clean Ups, it is also important to go into schools and instill good principles concerning conservation and pollution. By helping to shape the views of the next generation, they hope to mitigate some of the present problems of litter, water shortages and deforestation.

They are also helping people to appreciate the concept of separating waste at source so that waste is recycled. Promoting the slogan, "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle", they are hopeful that some people might even venture into it as a business and make a living by selling separated waste.

There have recently been several new cases of Cholera reported in and around Harare. So, they also took the opportunity to give the pupils some basic hygiene tips to help them and their families to stay safe from this and other diseases, such as malaria, typhoid and diarrhoea.

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