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If you follow SEED on social media, you may have read about ten-year-old Josh's Read For SEED challenge. We are excited to announce that all sponsorship raised by Josh, up to 10,000, will be doubled by an anonymous donor. So please give generously!

As Josh told readers of the Cambridge News, he aims to read 10,000 pages during Lent, the equivalent of at least 30 books in just 40 days.

Josh says that he is seeking sponsorship for his Read For SEED challenge in order to "raise money for people in Zimbabwe who didn't get to go to school when they were younger so have to work as gardeners and don't get very well paid or looked after."

Josh has been so successful in his fundraising efforts for SEED, that he already looks likely to exceed his initial sponsorship target of £1,500. As mentioned, one person who read about his efforts has also promised to match the total that Josh raises, up to £1 per page. With ten days of his challenge to go, Josh is on track. He has so far read 7,250 pages from 27 books, including:

  • Michelle Paver, Chronicles of Ancient Darkness (series)
  • Enid Blyton, Famous Five (series)
  • Cornelia Funke, The Thief Lord
  • Andrew Lane, Young Sherlock (series)
  • The Guinness Book of World Records 2015 (dipping in)
  • Steve Backshall, Deadly Diaries
  • Dick Anderson, African Adventures
  • David Walliams, Awful Auntie and Demon Dentist
  • Carole Wilkinson, Dragon Keeper
  • Bowering Sivers, Jammy Dodgers in Deadly Danger
  • Piers Torday, The Last Wild & The Dark Wild

If you look carefully in the list of sponsors on Josh's page, you may recognise one of these authors, who must have seen the article in the news.

UPDATE: Josh completed his challenge, reading just over 10,000 pages in the 40 days and raising over £6,000 for the work of SEED in Zimbabwe! Our congratulations on his very impressive achievement!

To find out more about his challenge, SEED interviewed Josh:

SEED: Why reading rather than skating or jumping or something?

JOSH: Because, reading seems more like a challenge, since I'm a very energetic boy who does things like jumping around every day anyway.

SEED: How are you finding it so far?

JOSH: It has been giving me some more ideas for stories of my own and increased my knowledge about punctuation and the position of sentences. I've enjoyed some good adventure stories! It's been very difficult to find opportunities to read 250 pages a day, especially on school days.

SEED: I can imagine, how long does it tend to take you to read 250 pages?

JOSH: Usually about four hours and ten minutes. That is around 1 minute per page. This can vary because in some books, there are pictures.

SEED: Wow, that's a lot of reading each day! How can people support you?

JOSH: Well, I have a website, which has all the details about the challenge on it. People can also sponsor me by that website.

SEED: How do people find the website?

JOSH: Just visit

SEED: And lastly Josh, why did you choose SEED?

JOSH: Because SEED is a very small charity and it's working on one community right now I think. Therefore, once they've made that community as good as they possibly can they can expand and make the area better. It works in Zimbabwe and my Daddy comes from there. I went there last year.

SEED: Thank you Josh. Congratulations on your amazing challenge and brilliant progress so far!

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All donations will be doubled by our anonymous donor

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