'Lions and Rhinos and Snakes' Oh, my!

The Head Over Heels 2014 team
Ever run a marathon? How about running a marathon every day for a week? Or 100 marathons in 100 days? Now, how about doing that in the heat of Africa, encountering wild animals, giant insects and scorpions. And camping out somewhere new each night. That's what Emma Timmis is doing right now. Why? For charity, of course.

So far Emma has been running for just over five weeks. That's over 1,000 miles on foot, two pairs of trainers completely worn out, and some painful blisters. All to raise money for charity.

Emma has continued running even on days when she was feeling really sick. Even when she felt like giving up. Even when every step felt like a thousand. All because she wants to raise awareness of her chosen charities, including SEED.

Her run has so far taken her across Namibia, through Zambia, and into Zimbabwe. Through lion territory and elephant country. Past hippos and buffalos. She even had a mid-night close encounter with a rhino. But it's not just the big creatures that are dangerous. There was also the night they set up camp on a puff adder's den. And the morning that she found a scorpion in her underwear that had been drying on a rock! All for some good charitable causes.

Then there's the weather. It's Africa, so it's very hot and dusty. Up to 37C hot. And, for good measure, one night a whirlwind blew in half the tent and ripped off a peg strap. But it's worth it, as it's all for charity.

Emma's epic run started on 31st August and she has now reached Victoria Falls. If all goes well, she and her support team should reach the coast of Mozambique before Christmas. She is asking for people to show their support for her chosen charities - including SEED - by sponsoring her online and following her progress via social media.

Robert with the Head Over Heels team
SEED's Senior Community Development Worker, Robert Kazunga, has also joined the team for parts of their run and in the coming days will be showing them some of SEED's projects in Zimbabwe.

Show your support for Emma as she continues her incredible run by following her progress via Twitter and Facebook.

To find out more about Emma's run or to sponsor her, visit or her dedicated sponsorship page.

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