The SEED Project will seek to work (according to its model) through the local church (and/or other community groups) wherever possible, because this body of people committed to the development of their local community should then be able to take full responsibility for the work at the end of their contract with The SEED Project. The church / community group will also provide valuable local knowledge and resources (human, physical, financial etc.), which will enable the project to lay good foundations and to maintain momentum.

Initially, The SEED Project may need to initiate suitable partnerships, but ideally churches / community groups will approach The SEED Project. The request will then be considered according to SEED's criteria (considering, especially, SEED's available resources at the time, the readiness of the church / community group to take on such a project, and the consistency of the proposed work with SEED's aims and objectives).

Many churches (and/or other groups) may already be carrying out development work in their community, and require further assistance. The SEED Project is open to supporting and/or building upon such existing projects, as well as to working with groups who wish to start something new.

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