To facilitate holistic community development in the socially and economically disadvantaged communities of Southern Africa, empowering them to be better able to reach their full potential, to identify and help meet their needs, and to participate more fully in society. To enable churches and other community groups to do the same, thus ensuring that the work is sustainable.




More money? Democracy? It has had quite a bit of both. Have either made any significant lasting difference?

Africa needs the tools to build its own future: self-respect and responsibility, skills and capacity-building.

SEED doesn't do hand-outs. We empower communities to move forwards with dignity:

  • Instead of digging 30 wells across the region, we teach communities how to dig their own, and how to maintain or replace it.
  • Instead of paying 100 children's school fees, we help their parents develop business skills so they can pay fees themselves.

Quality over quantity. Dignity over dependence. Lasting change.

As an indigenous community development programme, The SEED Project participates in the work necessary to bring about this change of perspective and to facilitate the journey towards sustainable development and the eradication of poverty.



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